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Resolving S3 Backup Issue in ERPNext Version 15

Introduction:  · 2 min read


The migration from ERPNext Version 14 to Version 15 introduces a host of new features and improvements for businesses. However, alongside innovation, users may encounter challenges, as many organizations did when facing issues with S3 backup operations in the upgraded ERPNext instance.

In this blog post, we'll explore the intricacies of resolving S3 backup challenges in ERPNext Version 15 by incorporating a straightforward yet effective solution: adding the reason name as a prefix to the S3 API URL. Through detailed instructions and insights, we aim to empower users to overcome obstacles and maintain data integrity in their ERPNext instances.

Understanding the S3 Backup Issue:

Post-upgrade to ERPNext Version 15, numerous users experienced difficulties executing S3 backup operations seamlessly. Despite previous success with this method, users found themselves unable to perform backups effectively, raising concerns about data security and continuity.

The Solution: Adding S3 API URL Prefix:

Thankfully, a simple solution exists to address the S3 backup challenges encountered in ERPNext Version 15. By appending the reason name as a prefix to the S3 API URL, users can surmount obstacles hindering backup processes and restore functionality to their ERPNext instances.

Step-by-Step Configuration Guide:

  1. Access ERPNext Configuration Settings: Log in as an administrator and navigate to the "System Settings" section.
  2. Locate Backup Settings: In the System Settings menu, find the Backup Settings section, where parameters governing backup operations are configured.
  3. Add S3 API URL Prefix: Within Backup Settings, locate the field for specifying the S3 API URL. Append the reason name as a prefix to the existing URL for compatibility with ERPNext Version 15.
  4. Before:
  5. After:
  6. Here, s3-ap-south-1 denotes the specific AWS region (Asia Pacific (Mumbai)) where the S3 bucket is hosted.
  7. Test Backup Functionality: After adding the S3 API URL prefix, test backup functionality to verify successful resolution of the issue.


In conclusion, addressing S3 backup issues in ERPNext Version 15 demands a proactive approach and a clear understanding of underlying challenges. By incorporating the reason name as a prefix to the S3 API URL, users can effectively navigate obstacles and ensure continuity of critical data management processes.

Armed with this comprehensive guide, organizations can confidently navigate ERPNext Version 15 migration, equipped with the knowledge and insights to overcome hurdles and optimize system performance. By implementing the recommended solution, users can leverage the full potential of ERPNext Version 15 and unlock new opportunities for productivity and efficiency in their operations.

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